OpenID Connect Editor's Drafts

Below are links to the HTML versions of the editor's drafts of the specifications and implementer's guides:

Editor's Drafts of Errata Updates to Final Specifications

Editor's Drafts of Specifications with Implementer's Draft Status

Editor's Drafts of Final Specifications without Errata Updates

Editor's Drafts of Other Specifications

Editor's Drafts of Implementer's Guides

Issue Tracking

To submit an issue to the specifications, use the following syntax in the issue title:

<SpecAbbrev> - <Section.Number> <Descritpion>.

For example, to submit a comment on section 4.3.2 of the Core spec, write the title as

Core - 4.3.2 This is the title for the issue

The <Component> values in the issue tracker are currently:

Working with the Repository

This working repository uses Git for version control. The server is at

To work on the repository, you need to do the following:

  1. Fill in the Contribution Agreement so that you join "OpenID AB/Connect Working Group."
  2. (If you do not already have one, create a Bitbucket account).

Then start working with the repository as:

  1. Clone the repository. (The command to use is on

Make sure that:

For more details, see:

Commit Messages

When making a commit, use the following syntax for the commit messages so that the issues are linked to the commit:

<command> <issue id> 

For example:

  Fix #45 - Typo fixed

<command> can be one of the followings:

close/closed/closes/closing/fix/fixed/fixes    # resolves the issue
reopen/reopens/reopening                       # reopens the issue
addresses/re/references/ref/refs/see           # adds a link to the changeset as a comment for the issue

The <issue id> SHOULD be specified as #45 etc.