OpenID Connect 1.0 Official Working Repository

List of Specifications

Below are links to the HTML versions of the working copies of the specifications and implementer's guides:

Issue Tracking

To submit an issue to the specifications, use the following syntax in the issue title.

<SpecAbbrev> - <Section.Number> <Descritpion>.

For example, to submit a comment on section 4.3.2 of Core spec, write the title as

Core - 4.3.2 This is the title for the issue

The <SpecAbbrev> right now are:

Working with the repository

This working repository uses Mercurial for the version control. The server uses bitbucket.

To work on the repository, you need to do the following:

As a preparation:

  1. Fill in the Contribution Agreement so that you join "OpenID AB/Connect Working Group."
  2. (If you have not already done so, install Mercurial.)
  3. (If you do not already have, create Bitbucket userid).
  4. Tell Nat/Mike/John the userid - they you will get a write previllege.

Then start working with the repository as:

  1. Clone the repository. (Command to use is on )
  2. hg pull
  3. (edit a file)
  4. hg commit -m 'fix #45 - typo'
  5. hg push

Make sure that

For more details, see:

Commit Messages

When making a commit, use the following syntax for the commit messages so that the issues are linked to the commit.

<command> <issue id>  

For example,

  Fix #45 - Typo fixed.  

<command> can be one of the followings:

close/closed/closes/closing/fix/fixed/fixes    # resolves the issue
reopen/reopens/reopening                       # reopens the issue
addresses/re/references/ref/refs/see           # adds a link to the changeset as a comment for the issue

The <issue id> SHOULD be specified as #45 etc.